It is time for our annual membership drive.  The volunteers at KAPU-lp 104.7 would like for you to become a supporter
of the station.  KAPU has been broadcasting Hawaiian music to the Monterey Bay Area since September 2004.  We
are the only all volunteer radio station playing Hawaiian music 24/7 in the world.  Ohana de Watsonville is the non-
profit organization (currently comprised of a 5 member board of directors and seven volunteers) that operates KAPU-lp
104.7 FM.  The KAPU ohana is dedicated to the promotion and perpetuation of Hawaiian mele.

Ohana’s LPFM license to broadcast was received from the FCC in June of 2006.  Through the LPFM program, KAPU
is allowed to broadcast with 52 watts to many communities in the Monterey Bay area.  With the help of an FM antenna
connected to your receiver/radio, it is possible to enhance reception of KAPU.

Please participate in our annual membership drive by keeping your radio tuned to KAPU-lp 104.7 FM and by donating
to the station.  We are a listener supported, non-profit radio station.  A donation of any amount will keep Hawaiian
music on the air.  Join our ohana today by mailing your donation or visit our website @ and make your
donation via our PAYPAL link.  Above all, please tell someone you know about KAPU.   

With sincere Aloha,
The Volunteers and Board of Directors

Ohana de Watsonville is recognized by the state of California and the IRS as a non-profit corporation. Your donations
are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.